Jean retired as an MEP in 2019. This was her website during 2001-2007, and you can find her website during 2007-2019 at Both are being maintained as an archive.

Welcome to the website of Jean Lambert, Green Party MEP for London

Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert was first elected Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London in the 1999 European elections. She was re-elected in 2004. She is one of nine MEPs representing London and one of two UK Green representatives in the European Parliament.

Jean's latest Report on working time

I Must Work Harder! report

Jean launches her report on working time and health.


Making Europe Accessible

Your Questions Answered


General information on the European Union is within easy reach through this extensive network of information centres and contact points set up by the Union for the public.

Image from the Bolkestein report


Jean's stance on services.

The Bolkestein Directive: Health Warning

So Much Hot Air - Climate Change Report


An analysis of UK energy and climate performance

So Much Hot Air

Jean's Flexible Working Report

Jean looks at good and bad working arrangements in:

Flexible Working: a work-life balance or a balancing act?

Download the Green Party MEPs 2004 End of Term Achievements Report

Green Group/EFA in the European Parliament


The Green Party of England and Wales have 2 representatives in the European Parliament.

The Green Party of England and Wales

Website for the Green Party of England and Wales

London Federation of Green Parties

Website for the London Federation of Green Parties
Caroline's interests in the Parliament include trade and overseas development, animal rights, aviation and transport.

I don't understand Europe!

This site aims to give a clear idea of how the Union and the Parliament work, how policies are made, and how you as a citizen of Europe can influence what goes on.

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Jean's new newsletter. Also see her MEPs In Action.

Jean's Hothouses report on climate change and London's housing. (Black & white version available here.) Contact Jean's office for a free copy.

Top Issues...




Sign ETUC petition to protect public servcies. More information on the campaign here.

Sign the petition to replace EU animal tests.

EU4U! Your voice can make a difference! Available NOW! A DVD made by young East Londoners, looking at young peoples attitudes to their environment. It shows how Jean is bringing their findings into the European Parliament policy process. Contact Jean's office for a free copy.


10th May: Resident Green MEP Congratulates Borough On Fair Trade Status

10th May: Green MEP To Call For International Solidarity At Climate Conference

25th April : EU 'Traveling Circus' Emissions Fill Wembley Stadium 2 Million Times Every Year

23rd April : London's Green MEP Welcomes Vanunu Fredom Riders To Hackney

11th April : Climate Proof The Future Through Education Urges Green MEP

3rd April : Heathrow Expansion Condemned By Capital's Green MEP

2nd April : Iraqi Asylum Seekers Forced To Leave Through 'Voluntary Returns Programme'

30th March : Green MEP Demands Living Wage For All To End Poverty

21st March : Green MEP Welcomes EP Investigation Into Legality Of Proposed Anti-Homosexual Law In Poland

21st March : UK Green MEP Calls For Local Power For Local People At Sustianable Communities Bill Rally

14th March : UK Green MEP Warns Trident Replacement Would Be Catastrophic For Our Future

12th March : Green MEP Supports Last Real Nappy Week

12th March : Green MEP Calls For Government's Focussed Commitment - Not Push Me, Pull You Policies on Climate Change

9th March : ESOL Funding Vital For Social Integration Warns Green MEP

8th March : Green Euro MPs Call For Kurds To Scrap Sharia Law On International Women's Day

8th March : EU Parliament Launches Shadow Directive For Protection Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination

7th March : London's Green MEP Welcomes Met's Human Trafficking Team

2nd March : Capital Woman Leads The Way To A Green Future

1st March : Green MEP Gives New Future To Refugees

28th February : Fair Trade Day Should Be Every Day Urges Green MEP

27th February : London's Green MEP Welcomes Mayor's Climate Change Action Plan

19th February : Green MEP Calls For End To Destitution Of Asylum Seekers At Sleepout

15th February : Euro MPs Rally For Year Of Equal Opportunities

14th February : Member States Continue To Stick Heads In Sand Despite EP Findings

14th February : London MEP Warns Cultural Revolution Needed To Prevent Further Deaths From Stress

12th February : 'Waste Directive Revision Could Endanger Recycling' Warns Green MEP

11th February : Green MEP Calls On EU To Replace Animal Experiments

2nd February : Green MEP Calls For Radical Rethink Over UK's Hothouses

31st January: Green MEP Launches Year Of Equal Opportunities

24th January: Kashmir Prime Minister Seeking A 'Green Kashmir'

23rd January: Green MEP Calls For Better Flood Planning As EU Directive Enters Parliament

23rd January: Government Must Not Be Allowed To Ignore Headache Of CIA Abuses

22nd January: Council Must Take Recycling Seriously Says Green MEP

18th January: Green MEP Urges End To Subsidies For The Arms Trade

15th January: Green MEP Awards Bangladesh Academic Achievement

11th January: Green MEP Calls For Open Legal Channels To End Irregular Migration

10th January: 'EU Breaks Are Not To Blame For 999 Failure' Demands Green MEP

9th January: London's Green MEP Slams Blair's No Fly Zone

5th January: Green MEP Joins Faslane Block Warning 'Trident Is Illegal, Unnecessary And A Future Catastrophe'

21st December : Green MEP Calls On The Capital To Light Up Christmas By Recycling

21st December : Crisis Open Christmas Welcomes Green MEP

14th December : Green MEP Calls For Change In Prostitution Law To Increase Safety

8th December : Green MEP Calls For Protection Of Russia's Human Rights At Embassy Demo

8th December : 'Local Action For National Impact' Urges Green MEP

7th December : Euro MP Slams Juries Who Blame Women For 'Drunk Rape'

6th December : Green MEP Calls For Political Space In Kashmir's Peace Process

5th December : Green MEP Calls For Protection Of Public Services At Petition Launch

28th November: EU4U! Premiere Brings The European Parliament To Life

21st November: Green MEP Opens EU Premiere On First Cystic Fibrosis Day

21st November: Green MEP Calls For End To Religious Discrimination

17th November : London's Green MEP Joins With Waltham Forest FOE In Climate Change Action

17th November : Green MEP Calls For Action To Combat Human Trafficking

15th November : Green MEP Warns Directive Leaves Services In Limbo

15th November : '90 Day Detention Period Breaches Human Rights' Warns Green MEP

13th November : Euro MP's Demand Iran Halts Executions

6th November : London's Green MEP Joins Soup Run As Winter Sets In

2nd November : Green MEP Celebrates Success Of Women Leadership In The Capital

19th October : Green MEP Warns Lack Of Coherent Action Merley Shifts Migrant Flow

9th October : London's Green MEP Welcomes Hackney Age Concern To Eu Parliament

26th September: Green MEP Brands Vote To Weaken Air Quality Directive As 'Pathetic'

25th September: Londoners Health At Serious Risk Warns Green MEP

23rd September: Green MEP Calls For Protection Of Public Services

22nd September: Green MEP Calls For An End To Arms Sales To Turkey

15th September: Gasification Plant Goes Against Environmental Progress Warns Green MEP

11th September: London's Green MEP Slams Plans to Cut Charity Grants

11th September: Green MEP Steps Up Campaign Against Gasification Plant At Final Hearing

7th September: ECJ Ruling On Working Time Law Welcomed By Green MEP

7th September: Green MEP Calls On EU Government's To Come Clean Over CIA Activity

5th September: Green MEP Calls For Government Support To Prevent Migrant Homelessness

5th September: Two Tier Approach To EU Citizenship Fails Both Old And new Member States

4th September: Bolstering EU Fortress Misses The Point On Migration Warns Green MEP

4th September: British Council and EU Commission Ask Students 'What has the Eu done for you?'

26th August : Green MEP Urges Government To Cancel Deportation Of Disabled Activist

25th August : Green MEP Disappointed At Algerian Appeal Refusal

24th August : End Deportations To Torture Countries Demands Green MEP

18th August : Green Euro MP Calls For Spanish Aid Over Migrant Crisis

15th August : London's Green MEP Speaks Out Against Terrorist Plot

19th July: Green MEP Condemns Iran's Homophobic Persecution

5th July: Green MEP Calls For Inquiry Into CIA Flights To Continue

5th July: RISE To The Challenge To End Racism Insists Green MEP

4th July: Green MEP Welcomes Battery Directive Approved Today

3rd July: Green MEP Welcomes Heyday Actions Against Government

29th June: 'Come Out And Speak Up At Europride 2006' Urges Green MEP

29th June: Green MEP Calls For Sustainable Development Not Nuclear Weapons

28th June: Jean Lambert MEP Pledges Support For Peace Activists

26th June: Green MEP Joins Calls For Independent CIA Flights Inquiry

21st June: London's Green MEP Brands Thames Water Failure As 'Shameful'

20th June: Green MEP Celebrates Refugee Week

16th June: Green MEP Condemns Latvia's Defiance Over Gay Rights

15th June: EU Must Stand Up To Homophobic And Racist Violence Urges Green MEP

15th June: London's Green MEP Labels Belvedere Incinerator as 'Outrageous'

13th June: MEPs Call On US Administration To Close Guantanamo

13th June: 'Sustainability Must Be At The Heart Of Social Inclusion' Urges Green MEP

12th June: 'Gasification Plant Threatens Recycling Goals' Warns London's Green MEP

7th June:Euro MP Condemns Violent Outbreaks Against Gay Pride

6th June: Euro MP Quizes Spanish Authorities Over Refugee Treatment

5th June: Green Your Home And Make A Big Difference Urges MEP

2nd June: Green MEP Pledges Support For Sikh Freedom Rally

2nd June: London's Green MEP Calls For Protection Of Capital's Green Space

1st June: Euro Parliament Demands End to Abuse Of Women In Armed Conflict

31st May: 'End The Torture Of Guantanamo Bay' Urges Euro MP

17th May: London's Green MEP Pledges Support For IDAHO

15th May: Euro MP Welcomes President Of Venezuela To London

13th May: 'Everyday Should Be Fairtrade Day' Urges Green MEP

11th May: European Parliament Debates Controversial Ilisu Dam In Turkey

11th May: Green MEP Urges Government To Address NHS Deficits On Nurses Day 2006

8th May: Euro MP Questions USA Over CIA Extraordinary Rendition Flights

7th May: London's Green MEP Calls On The Capital To Compost

3rd May: 'World Of Minority Report Will Become Reality'' Warns Euro MP

2nd May: 'Vote For The Real Thing And Vote Green' Urges MEP


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